2020 In Brief

Undoubtedly 2020 is tough on every one of us, including our children too. Indeed this pandemic really tested our patience starting from March until December, slowly our life had changed from normal to the new normal. We at the center need to quickly adapt to the new normal too. Face mask, sanitizer, and MySejahtera are our new basic necessities.

Due to this pandemic, we have to limit access to the swimming pool meaning fewer hydrotherapy activities for our students until things get calmer. To limit our EIP students intake to comply with our current situation too. To avoid 3Cs, crowded places, close-contact settings, and confined spaces.

However, this situation does not hamper us from giving the best service to our students. We have seen them slowly change to be more independent, at their best behavior, and can follow orders. Kudos to teachers and parents for their never-ending support and patience towards the children.

In brief, thank you to accept us to be part of your children’s journey, to understand that this is both our responsibility towards them and to provide unconditional love to each of our children.

Thus, we are looking forward to a more adventurous 2021, may God bless us along with this journey. Thank you!


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